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Is your Horry County office winter ready?

1/23/2020 (Permalink)

Cold Office? Don't let cold offices slow you down!

Winter is hitting the Horry County area and that means it’s time to turn up the heat!

Is your businesses HVAC System ready for the challenges that winter brings?

Here are 6 maintenance tips from SERVPRO that will help you enjoy a warm and comfortable works space all winter long.

  1. Clean and/or Replace the Air Filter
  2. Clean the Air Vents
  3. Add Some Insulation
  4. Check Your Thermostat
  5. Cover the Outdoor AC Unit if needed
  6. Schedule an Inspection from SERVPRO

Does your business need a hand with  HVAC maintenance in the Horry or Georgetown County area?

SERVPRO is here to assist you. Through maintenance and repair, the experienced, professional, and friendly technicians at SERVPRO will make sure your business's heating system is ready for the upcoming winter season. 843-236-6278

Protect your Horry County Home from Breached Pipes

1/6/2020 (Permalink)

Breached pipe caused by water pressure Breached pipe caused by water pressure.

Happy New Year! We at SERVPRO would like to start of the year with helpful household tips.

According to the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS), a breach in pipes can cost up to $5,000 or more in damage expenses. Pipe insulation, which you can install yourself around any exposed copper or PVC water pipe, costs as little as 50 cents per linear foot.

Places to Inspect

  •  Use it under sinks,
  •  Attics
  • crawl spaces
  • pipes along exterior wall

Signs of Breached Pipes 

  • Wet spots in yard 
  • Slow draining and clogs throughout your home 
  • Foul sewer odors from your yard  

Make sure you know where your home’s water main shut off valve is as a precaution. this shut off valve is usually located outside the house. 

If you do experience a water damage because of a pipe burst call SERVPRO right away! 843-504-3334

SERVPRO 1st Responders Bowl

12/31/2019 (Permalink)

Photo of a football against a white background. What a game, what an experience!


This year the SERVPRO 1st Responders Bowl featured the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers versus Western Michigan Broncos!

In this close match up that took place on December 30th, 2019 the Hilltoppers of Western Kentucky narrowly beat the Broncos of Western Michigan by 3 points.

Our General Manager Don Shupe was kind enough to escort the brave winners of our First Responder Contest to the game for an amazing experience for everyone involved.

Our winners included Horry County Police Officers and Surfside Beach Firefighters and their families. There were activities throughout the day as well as mentions at the game itself.

All in all the experience was one for the record books and it was an absolute honor to share this event with those who fight and protect us humbly and without question day in and day out.

Check out our Facebook Page here for more great pictures and videos of the experience!


200 Fire Calls On Christmas Eve

12/28/2019 (Permalink)

A white backdrop with a Christmas tree and some presents. Fire prevention is so much easier than fire restoration!

200 Fire Calls On Christmas Eve ... that is how many Horry County Firefighters received this year!

We wrote a few blog posts earlier this month concerning the heightened risks of fires during the holiday season one about candle safety, one about general fire hazards and one about holiday fire precautions.

Two hundred calls for help with fires is very high on one night that is why we here at SERVPRO stress fire prevention!

No one wants to deal with the danger and messy aftermath of fires, especially during the holidays. It is absolutely crucial that everyone in your family be aware of these elevated circumstantial risks and be vigilant about taking every measure to ensure safety for the whole household!

If you or someone you know has had fire damage this holiday season call SERVPRO we can help!

843-236-6278 | 843-436-2121

Happy Holidays From Your Friends At SERVPRO

12/23/2019 (Permalink)

A close up picture of blurry sparkly golden lights. Happy Holidays!


One of the greatest joys of this season is the opportunity to say THANK YOU to our past and present customers and to wish you the very best for the New Year.

Our family wishes you and all those close to you a joyous holiday season and a new year filled with happiness and hope for a world at peace.

The best part of the season is remembering those who make the holidays meaningful. We wish you all the love and happiness this season can bring, and may it follow you throughout the coming new year.

To those we love and see each day and other loved ones far away, to all good friends who mean so much and those with whom we’re out of touch… Wishing you every happiness this holiday season and throughout the coming year.

- Your Team at SERVPRO of Georgetown and Horry Counties


Cold Weather Tips For Your Grand Strand Home

12/19/2019 (Permalink)

A thermometer stuck into the snow. Checking now so you are prepared later!


Although we do not stay cold very long here on the Grand Strand, cold weather does happen here so it is always best to be prepared!

Here are a few tips (from the good people over at Liberty Mutual) to make sure your Grand Strand home is ready when the cold weather comes:

1. Protect Your Pipes: If the water inside your pipes freezes, it will expand, as well, which can cause your pipes to crack and burst.

2. Check the Heat: Check your furnace or HVAC by turning on the heat and the blower to be sure they're operating as they should, do this BEFORE it gets too cold.

3. Inspect the Fireplace and Chimney: A professional chimney sweep can clean out soot and other debris that could catch fire, do this especially if it has been a while since you last used it.

4. Seal Windows and Doors: Caulk around windows and install weather stripping around doors as needed. This should be checked every year like clockwork.

Doing these 4 simple tasks will have you way ahead of the game if and when cold weather does strike the Grand Strand this winter!


5 Damages You Can Get From Flooding

12/12/2019 (Permalink)

Aerial shot of a flooded neighborhood. Floods damage your whole life.


When you experience flood damage it is way more than just a wet carpet!

Here are 5 areas that can sustain major problems and issues when water damage from flooding strikes your home:

Drywall and trim - Drywall can absorb a lot of moisture which will ruin the integrity of your walls. They can also be the perfect breeding ground for mold if left untreated.

Your Foundation - Too much water settling in under and around your home can cause the ground to become unstable and lead to massive cracking your foundation.

Appliances - These are a major item inside your home that gets used on a daily basis. Your appliances can fall victim to floods because they are usually sitting on the ground at some level and water can seep into them and destroy how they work.

Insulation - If your home has a crawl space that is insulated a flood can cause major damage to the insulation and its ability to work effectively. It also can become a safe haven for mold growth!

Furniture - Like your appliances, furniture is present all throughout your home and sits connected to the floor. Although many items of furniture can be cleaned, most pieces become destroyed.

If you have suffered a major loss due to water damage call SERVPRO today, we can help!

843-236-6278 | 843-436-2121


Congratulations To These 1st Responders

12/12/2019 (Permalink)

A emergency responders vehicle. SERVPRO 1st Responders Bowl

SERVPRO has sponsored the 1st Responders Bowl for College Football again this year, so we wanted to honor some great people here locally!

Our local SERVPRO franchise has been working hard fielding nominations from locals all over the Grand Strand telling us about heroic 1st responders in our area and the amazing feats of selflessness they perform on a daily basis in order to win a FREE trip to the 1st Responders Bowl game in Dallas, TX.

We would like to thank all the first responders that were nominated for their services in our counties and communities.

Be sure to follow up with all your responders and thank them for their commitment to making our communities a safer place.


Chad Dubarr - Surfside Beach Fire Department
Bill Hyatt - Surfside Beach Fire Department
Westley Foushee - NWB Police Department
James Vreeland - NWB Fire Department
Ben Lawson - Horry County Rescue
Kent Wright - Loris FD
Captain Kenneth Harlow - Myrtle Beach Police Department
Michael Mabe - Horry County Fire Rescue
Jonathan Fairfield - Pawleys Island Police Department
Roberto Zaldivar - Myrtle Beach Fire Department

We will be sending the following 1st responders to the game from our amazing group of local emergency responders:

Horry County Police Officers: Matthew Treitler and Christian Fletcher

Surfside Beach Fire Department: Michael Miller

Thank you to all who serve and protect us on a daily basis and we have the utmost respect for each and every one of you!

Holiday Fire Hazards

12/10/2019 (Permalink)

A blurry photo of Christmas tree lights lit up on the floor Fire hazards increase during the holidays.

Holidays are supposed to be a time for fun and celebration, but fires can happen fast during the winter season.

Here are 3 areas to concentrate your safety efforts this holiday season to avoid extra fire causing hazards.

  1. Candles: Candles are used a lot more during the holidays to provide a festive and fragrant decor all around homes and businesses. Use caution in the placement and lighting or burning of candles to avoid fire risk.
  2. Dry Christmas Trees: If you are putting up a real Christmas tree please remember to water it frequently and at the very least check the levels of water daily! A dry tree will catch fire so quickly!
  3. Overloaded Outlets: We tend to use a lot more things that need electricity during the holiday season. Everything from lights to heaters jam up every outlet around your dwelling. Please make sure you do not overload your outlets.

Using these tips and exercising common sense you should be just fine this holiday season! If you do have fire damage call SERVPRO!

Fire Facts For Winter Months

12/10/2019 (Permalink)

This photo is a snowy winter scene set in a forest with snow covered trees. Fires happen a lot more frequently in the winter.


When it comes to the winter months fires happen much more frequently.

Here are a few facts for you to consider to help you keep your home and family safe.

Info provided by the NFPA.

Winter holiday fire facts

Christmas trees

  • Between 2013-2017, U.S. fire departments responded to an average of 160 home fires that started with Christmas trees per year.
  • These fires caused an average of three deaths, 15 injuries, and $10 million in direct property damage annually.


  • On average, 22 home candle fires were reported each day between 2013-2017.
  • Three of every five (60%) candle fires started when something that could burn, such as furniture, mattresses or bedding, curtains, or decorations, was too close to the candle.

Holiday cooking

  • Thanksgiving is the peak day for home cooking fires, followed by Christmas Day and Christmas Eve.
  • Cooking equipment was involved in one of every five (19%) of home decoration fires. This can happen when a decoration is left on or too close to a stove or other cooking equipment.

If you have suffered a loss from fire damage call SERVPRO today, we can help!